Sawn and Graded Timber

Thaxters has supplied timber to the local building trade since its inception in 1968 and we continue to do so to this day.

Our range reflects the varied nature of the building industry and we supply a variety of lengths and thicknesses, Planed Square Edge (PSE) and treated timbers for interior and exterior use.

We offer a cutting service whereby, supplied with an accurate cutting list, we can prepare your timber to the exact requirements of your job while you wait or delivered to your site.

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We stock an extensive range of sawn timber and C16/24 carcassing in a variety of dimensions and lengths.

All our timber is pressure treated and kiln dried timber can also be sourced if required.

All our timber is sold in whole lengths and our staff are happy to cut lengths of timber to our customers specific measurements, be it an exact cutting list or simply so its fits in your vehicle!

All our prices include VAT.

Size Length Length
3.6m 4.8m
25 x 50 £3.60
25 x 75 £4.70
25 x 100 £6.25
25 x 150  £6.20 £8.25
25 x 200 £11.80
38 x 100 £9.40
38 x 88 £5.85
 19 x 38  £2.20
50 x 50 £4.25 £5.65
50 x 75  £6.25 £8.35
50 x 100  £8.25 £11.00
50 x 150 £12.35 £16.45
50 x 200 £19.45
50 x 50 £6.25
47 x 75 £7.00 £9.35
47 x 100 £9.35 £12.45
47 x 150 £14.00 £18.65
47 x 200 £24.85
 75 x 225 x 6m  £49.50 each
CANT RAILS 3.6m £6.00 each


Our treated timber is a biocidal product for the control of wood destroying organisms.

Active ingredients:

Copper (II) Carbonate/Copper (II) Hydroxide (1:1) (12069-69-1)

Propiconazole (60207-90-1)

Tebuconazole (107534-96-3)

It is advised that gloves are used when handling, not to inhale sawdust and to avoid contact with drinking water and food and its preparation areas.

Do not use for animal bedding or in fish ponds.

Dispose of treated wood responsibly using an authorised industrial waste contractor.


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