Environmental Policy

At Thaxters we recognise that timber is a finite resource and its sustainable management from forest to workshop is vital to the health of the planet. All our timber is FSC certified meaning our buildings and timber products comply to the 10 FSC Principles, https://www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk/about-fsc/what-is-fsc/fsc-principles, and we strive to be as efficient as possible thus minimising waste from all our working practices.

We source our timber from a variety of suppliers globally all whom follow these same guidelines to ensure continuity of excellent environmental policy. Our aim is to produce products with the minimum carbon footprint that we can from materials that are from carefully managed sources so as to reduce long term environmental damage.

In our day to day working practice we strive to minimise the use of plastics and recycle everything we can. Very little is wasted, an example of this is our firewood off cuts and kindling bags, all of which is sourced from the workshop as an efficient way to use up all of the small off cuts of timber that we produce. We bag these up and sell them on cheaply to local customers to use in the their open fire and woodburners over the winter.