Thaxters was established by Brian, Charlie and Trevor Thaxter in 1968 using the redundancy money that Brian and Charlie accumulated after the company that they worked for, Weybourne Appliances, ceased trading.

Thaxter Old Building

The company was primarily occupied with building and selling portable buildings and they set up shop on Old Station Way in Holt in a nissan hut paying an annual rent of £80.

They supplied various types buildings to the National Trust, the Holkham Estate and many other private customers, perhaps most famously a beach hut to a client in East Runton that was subsequently washed away in a storm and washed up intact on the coast of Holland.

The hut was still in such good condition that the family that found it invited the owners to join them for a cup of tea in it, a testament to the quality and durability of a Thaxters product.

Paul Thaxter, Brians’ son, joined the company in 1983 and grew the timber trading side of the business. Having purchased the entire wood yard in Holt by 1989 when the exotically named Florida Shoe factory failed, the Directors of Thaxters of Holt Ltd entered a partnership with Norwood Property in order to obtain planning permission for a food store on the land, which was granted in 2013.

Thaxters of Holt Ltd ceased trading in August 2014 at which time the new company Thaxters Timber and Forestry Ltd was set up to continue the business and to take it forward for the next generation.

All of the existing members of staff transferred to the new company. Over the years many members of the Thaxter family have worked for the business, Jenny (Brian’s wife), Marie (Trevor’s wife), June Howard (Brian and Trevor’s sister) and Sharon Sands (Brian’s daughter).

Sharon is now a director of Thaxters Timber and Forestry Ltd along with Ross Smith and Tim Schofield, and there are still many familiar faces working for the company.